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Author Topic: Oversupply  (Read 529 times)

Offline cab

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« on: February 12, 2011, 11:23:23 AM »
Hi folks

I've had an oversupply warning, which I think is due to crossing dateline but can anyone tell me why - I can't work it out.

Message I received:

Notification from the Anti Monopoly Bureau,

The Game Rules state that airline is not allowed to oversupply routes with excess seat capacity to allow fair competition. The automatic checking system has found some of your routes to be in violation of these rules (you provide too much capacity on the routes, and are exceeding the limits set forth in the rules).

Please check these routes and reduce their capacity immediately so that they are no longer oversupplied against the rules. If changes are not made within 48 hours the system will close down these routes.

Routes in violation of the rules:


Please be aware that oversupplying a route is forbidden in the game rules and airlines violating the rules may be penalized.

Flights above are for day 4

Days  Flight #  Dep  Arr  Aircraft  Airline     
---4---  CSA366  0110  0610*  B744  Cadmium Sun Airlines   
1------  CSA288  0240  0740*  B744  Cadmium Sun Airlines   
----5--  CSA296  0625  1125*  B744  Cadmium Sun Airlines   
---4---  CSA276  0720  1220*  B744  Cadmium Sun Airlines   
-----6-  CSA332  0720  1220*  B744  Cadmium Sun Airlines   
1------  CSA290  0915  1415*  B744  Cadmium Sun Airlines   
----5--  CSA278  1110  1610*  B744  Cadmium Sun Airlines   
-----6-  CSA298  1115  1615*  B744  Cadmium Sun Airlines   
------7  CSA334  1130  1630*  B744  Cadmium Sun Airlines   
---4---  CSA284  1300  1800*  B744  Cadmium Sun Airlines   
-2-----  CSA292  1405  1905*  B744  Cadmium Sun Airlines   
1------  CSA336  1600  2100*  B744  Cadmium Sun Airlines   
--3----  CSA294  1855  2355*  B744  Cadmium Sun Airlines   
-2-----  CSA338  1900  2400*  B744  Cadmium Sun Airlines   

On day 4 I think the flight that is causing the problem is CSA284 - I've attached the screen shot. It's scheduled as a day 5 flight but crosses the dateline and lands on the Thursday morning, so all capacity seems to be deemed as day 4 capacity. Any thoughts gratefully received. Got a similar thing going on for day 1.

[attachment expired]


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Re: Oversupply
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2011, 01:34:59 PM »
It's a lot easier to see if you just look at the demand charts in both directions.  That will show what supply is hitting what day.

But, yes, this happens.  You've just got to adjust your schedules.


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