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Author Topic: Has anyone ever had a successful go with a fleet of of only BAe 100/200?....  (Read 3950 times)


  • Former member
If, which geographical areas worked well? I have seen in other forums NOT to bother with them. But as we all know its tight out there. :-\


  • Former member
Well, they seem to use almost as much fuel as A321 or B737, while carrying less than half the number of pax 737 or 321 can carry...
Otherwise I don't know if it's a good aircraft or not...


  • Former member
Ok, well then I'll take some more input please! :)


  • Former member
I have.  In the previous DOTM game (back under the previous game version, game was 1981-2001 iirc) I ran an airline out of Denver and used them for most of my domestic fleet (had 737s and 757s as well, but I couldn't keep up with the order rate on the 737s).  I ultimately replaced them with 737-500s, but that was mainly because the production line closed on me and under the old ordering system I could get lots of a single type in a short period of time.

Fuel/pax wise, iirc, they're similar or slightly better than a 722Adv, though you clean up on frequency and get hammered on longer routes by the slow speed.  That was my first airwaysim game, so I don't know if I was actually making money flying them long range, but I flew them as far as the florida panhandle (basically max range) and don't recall the individual aircraft numbers ever going in the red.  It was touch and go though when gas got expensive, during several fuel spikes I only held on by my fingernails, and probably only because I owned a lot of the 146s outright and could tap them for collateral. 

They're not bad for their time, but in 2007 I'd only keep them long enough to get a CRJ900 or something similar to replace them.


  • Former member
Thank you! That was great food for thought! Now I just need the right hub. I think maybe I'll stick with RNO and see what happens from there. Any other input is greatly appreciated. :)

Offline alexgv1

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  • Posts: 2232
I'm operating just BAe 146-100's for my regional routes on DOTM in USA so I'll let you know how it goes. Certification in 18 game months, hold on  :laugh:

However they will also be along side a fleet of MD-80s. But I'll let you know how the whisperjets get on in the routes <400nm.
CEO of South Where Airlines (SWA|WH)

Offline heja_bjorn

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  • Posts: 56
My airline is successful with 9 AVRO RJ-100s. Last week a profit of 2 000 000 USD.

Offline raptorva

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  • Posts: 883
in MT2 when I was based in Kuala Lumpur I started with two ancient 732's and then ordered by the end 40 BAe-146-200 aircraft and found that they earned more than my 757's ever did. I kept the BAe's with me right until the second last year of the game where I replaced them (and the 757's) with Boeing 737-700's.

Offline BloemCEO

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  • Posts: 602
I absolutely love the "Jumbolino's" and have operated them successfully in two previous game worlds.  The 200 and especially the 300 series can be very profitable if:  A) you own them outright, B) you operate them as they were designed ... < 500nm routes with at least 4 flights per day per a/c.  With the 300 series you basically get Large a/c capacity in a Medium-class airframe with all the benfits of the smaller class (short turn-around times, less cabin crew, cheaper pilots).  In real life crews and passengers really like the BAe 146/Avro RJ's because they are so capable and quiet.

Offline liklik3

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  • Posts: 100
they are quite good aircraft espechialy on short hops during the 90s appart from the fact they are powered by 4 hairdryers


  • Former member
I have about 60 of them in my DOTM airline and they are great little planes.I own almost all of them and they bring in consistent profit. They make up the backbone of the fleet at my two smaller bases and I use them up to their max range. Since fuel is cheap and I own them I still make a decent profit. They are also usually readily available at the beginning of games worlds and are good to start an airline with.


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