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Author Topic: I can't work out how my profit margin is being caluclated?  (Read 1676 times)


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I can't work out how my profit margin is being caluclated?
« on: September 09, 2010, 05:32:26 PM »
I can't seem to recalulcate it so it is inline with the airline stats page (6.37%) last quarter sales are:

265 983 496 USD

and my profit after tax was:

15 491 105 USD

giving me a 5.82% operating margin. It can't be the gross margin being calucated as I made a gross loss with the net opertaing profit only being made after the tax rebate.

Anyone got any ideas?

Offline Sigma

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Re: I can't work out how my profit margin is being caluclated?
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2010, 06:54:12 PM »
Maybe it's pre-tax but not inclusive of rebates or some weird thing?

According to the stats, your actual profits were $18,154,908, not the ~$15.5M that you say.  So that's the difference.

It's possible also that the figure you see on your Income Sheet when you do Quarterly, wouldn't be the same as what the stats show, I'm not sure.  The Income Statement figures are all by Week, making some months 4 full weeks and others 5 full weeks, and quarters are the same way -- a week is counted in a quarter as long as it starts within that quarter.  If the Stats screen is counting true quarters, but the Income Statement screen is counting full weeks that begin in a quarter, you could have a different of 1 weeks worth of profit on one screen but not the other.
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