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Author Topic: Want to buy - B727-200Adv, B737-200Adv, DC-10-30 - you can earn good money!Read!  (Read 2063 times)


  • Former member
Hey there,

I'm searching for somebody who wants to make money fast and easy.

What do you need? Some cash on hand and free ordering capacities or aircraft on order that matches my needs.

- B727-200Adv with Pratt & Whitney JT8D-17R engines and +MTOW 11.2tn between December 1971 and December 1973.

- B737-200Adv with Pratt & Whitney JT8D-17R engines and Standard MTOW, +MTOW 1.8tn or +MTOW 4.1tn between now (as soon as possible) and December 1974.

- DC-10-30 in the first three years after release

If you match these requirements, please PM me. If you have questions, PM me or ask them here.

Note: I prefer buying them in bunches of seven. If you deliver two or five that may be also ok, but better you can get me seven identical aircraft.

I'm also interested in leasing B727-200Adv and B737-200Adv until December 1976 - same requirements as above.

Normal price for me to pay is price per aircraft (as it is shown the me) * 7 + 10% of the end sum. You will earn those 10% and the manufacturer discount - only for doing some clicks.

I'm also online very often, so there should be no problem for you to got these aircraft soon to me. ICQ/Skype/MSN can be given to make sure no other airline can catch those aircraft.

Every trade we make is bindingly for me, this means I (King Airways) or, if King Airways don't exist anymore (what for sure will not happen) buy these aircraft. If you decide to leave the game it's ok, so you have all the advantages on your side.

Thanks for reading this and thanks for your help. I'm awaiting your PM and answers in this thread  :)

Best Regards,

Curse, King Airways (KAW), KLAX


  • Former member
Nobody interested in making some money without much work?


  • Former member
They want to use the planes to compete with you ;D


  • Former member
I'm sure they will make more money when they sell them to me  ;)


  • Former member
I would like to open another thread asking for B747 and DC10-10. But seems I don't need to do so... The response here is too bad :-\


  • Former member
I'm still searching for people who will buy me B727, B737 and DC-10-30.


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