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Author Topic: Ramp check - How many of you delay your checks and how often you get caught?  (Read 1619 times)


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#Civil Aviation Administration - Ramp Check Results

The Civil Aviation Administration has made a Ramp Check to one of your BAC One-Eleven 200 aircraft (JA411H) and have found out that the aircraft has not been maintained properly. The A checks of the aircraft have expired (they have not been scheduled into the aircraft's rotation).

The CAA has fined you for the amount of 48 000 USD for using an aircraft that not properly maintained and they also expect you to correct this problem as soon as possible.

You can view more details from the My Aircraft page.#

Look at the fine, it was 24 times the A-check fee. And my CI dropped 12%. That was what make me feel bad!
I didn't meant to delay it. It was totally accident that I forgot to schedule it when I reschedule my flights. I've had get caught twice for delaying C-Check by only 1 day early in this game. I turned off the auto C-check and 3 aircraft were due to check, 2 get caught.

I know many people are delaying C-check, especially those the check expired within 1 month before the lease expired. Do you guy really get caught by the NAA? Or it was only me? As I know, nobody get caught so requently and I really feel bad, kinda unfair(if it is randomly generated)...

Offline NorgeFly

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Don't skip your checks! If you were a real airline that would be the quickest was to get yourself an EU ban  ;D

Offline Sigma

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If you're flying without doing a check on purpose you're crazy.  Who cares if the lease ends 1 month later, just terminate the lease if you don't want to do the check -- you'll save yourself money AND avoid the massive fine.

You've got extremely high odds of being caught without a check, most of the time you don't make it 2 weeks before you get caught.  There's no way anyone is regularly flying their planes without Checks done to them.  They'd be bankrupt in a matter of months.


  • Former member
I knew a friend that delaying the checks purposely. And he never get caught for delaying all his DC6 c-checks.


  • Former member
I knew a friend that delaying the checks purposely. And he never get caught for delaying all his DC6 c-checks.

Guess who  ;D

My plan to run a DC-10-10 without scheduled A/B-Checks and do them manually was not this successful. But McDonald Douglas was very happy to get a three month old aircraft back to perform a check from 30% condition to 100% for only $600k! ;D

[Edit: Also I didn't know there is an extra section on the aircraft-screen: "Aircraft with very bad condition." I discover every day new cool things in AWS!  :o]

However, I think (and I think sami has said this onetime ( like "the more times you miss the checks, the higher gets the chance to be caught", but I'm not 100% sure) you can delay the checks in different times. I once (in my very first beginner game) got fined for forgetting A/B-Checks. Mainly they must be done every week, so you forget it and it runs two or three weeks, you are very fast over this time.
C-Checks must be done yearly, so it's not this big deal if you delay them up to 1 month (this was my personal deathline with DC-6) while you can delay a D-Check up to 3 month (my personal deathline).

So every time you pass the "FAA-ingame-script check", the chance they will catch you increases.

By the way, I stopped doing this as I had enough money. I don't know what exactly your plans are, my friend, but I think you now have enough money for those checks too ;D
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  • Former member
So you another one who skipped the checks... ;D

I will never skip them purposely (except those 3 Convairs at the beginning of the game). I agree that I should get fined faster if I skip them frequently. But the bad thing is that I just delay them 1 day and I get caught. And I only delayed 3 of them. For the latest A-check fine, I don't know how many week I missed it but I'm sure not more than 3 weeks, which means I missed only twice or trice.

I really feel that the CAA checked my airline too frequently...


  • Former member
Maybe they think you don't have manuals for all those 20 different aircraft models you fly  ;D


  • Former member
NAMC was built in Japan (the one and only one Japanese airliner), I'll get their manuals everywhere in the country.
The Tupolev don't need any manuals. Insurance company never offer any package for the Russian birds. So, maintenance can be skipped. ;D


  • Former member
2:0 for you


  • Former member
Lol... :P

Offline plasticforks

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I had to delay my C and D checks because I had no spare planes to fly the routes the due aircraft was flying, and I had planes coming in quite frequently so I thought delaying them would be no big deal, plus, I was about to replace them since I had 333's coming in.

Then I had to go to the beach for 5 days.

Needless to say, when I got back from the beach, nearly half of my planes were grounded, I was fined I don't know how many times, and my CI was -30 or something, and the airline was beyond fixable.


  • Former member
I think I need to have a nice dinner with the CAA officers. Just got another ramp check after 6 hours I left AWS.
Now on, I do all the B-Check no matter the aircraft is flying or not...


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