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Author Topic: Isn't it about time, that LAX-SFO demand were increased to...  (Read 625 times)


  • Former member
at least 2/3 of what they are in actuality? In a game set today (well 2000-2010), demand just from LAX-SFO should be set at around 1000-1200 pax per day on airwaysim? Even though the number of pax demand is double that in the land of the living? Throw in BUR/ONT/LGB/SNA/SAN to SJC/OAK/SMF/SFO as well and there should be an approximate demand of at least 200-400 pax a day on each individual city pair besides LAX-SFO. This demand for 90 pax on LAX-SFO has got to be upped ultra-dramatically. Its a crime to see that kind of demand on this game when we all know demand is over 100 times that on a daily basis in actuality. I know its supposed to be a mimic, but C'MON.
There was concern by sami that people would p*** and moan about one or two carriers taking up all the demand. I don't think so, because everyone has an equal chance at the beginning of the game. Some people won't give a rats behind about those routes and not fly them. I tend to use satellite airports in a lot of games (especially BUR). I know were "mimicking" and not getting "too" real, but this is one that needs to be fixed and "mimic" the land of the living MUCH more.
LAX-SFO is the busiest air corridor in the world in terms of pax and aircraft in the sky at any given time. LHR-CDG should not be given anywhere near the demand LAX-SFO  should be afforded. (Player steps down off soap box).  >:( ;)
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Re: Isn't it about time, that LAX-SFO demand were increased to...
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2010, 05:59:36 PM »
throw LAS and PHX in there too then you'll have more of the actual picture of what goes on in this area.


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