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Author Topic: Could anyone tell me what the best time for players on the west coast  (Read 691 times)


  • Former member
of North America is to look for used planes? Do I need to get up at 3A.M. or something? (Not happening). ;) But seriously, I have found there are rarely any good planes up for grabs during daylight hours in our area. I don't need widebodies, props, 707's, 720-B's etc...I haven't been able to get so much as a 727-200 the last week or so, which I would gladly take.  I was lucky to get a DC-9 and a BAC-111 with ranges that were suitable, but not much capacity. Anyway, just griping actually. Had to get that off my chest. :-\   
P.S. By good planes I mean 737-300 thru 900, MD81-87's, anyway you get my meaning. I know there's alot of people in the game. :P Thank you for letting me vent.


  • Former member
Okay! Thank you used airplane guy! I got some 727-200's which do great when used on fairly long hauls which is what I needed! ;D


  • Former member
Good planes are rare nowdays...
But I seen some players with a full fleet of 15 A300 or 10 B757 :o


  • Former member
I have too. I check all day for aircraft I can actually use, and of course many days can go by without aquiring anything useful. It would be nice if some smaller Boeings and MD's were opened up around noon PST (or PDT right now). I have the feeling they open them up at times when most people in the West US and Western Canada are asleep. I don't know.  I'm sure its frustating all over. :-\


  • Former member
It's the same for everyone Gary :)  They pop up at random intervals (between about 30 mins and 60 mins intervals it seems), but if you go on when it's busy then they disappear quicker. 

I'd be interested to see some stats on when most people are online as there are times when the user numbers are much lower.


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