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Author Topic: New markets - spreading the airlines  (Read 730 times)


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New markets - spreading the airlines
« on: May 02, 2010, 06:27:14 PM »
Thanks for a great game! Here's a suggestion.

I think one of the biggest problems with the game right now is the concentration of airlines to the big markets. Everyone wants to be based at the main hubs and operate long haul routes with the latest and biggest A/C's. I think one way of changing this is to create more incentives to explore other markets. I have a couple of thoughts on how this could work.

Investments/Discounts from local regions
Airports without based airlines would offer good discounts on airport fees and local investors would boost your capital in order to stimulate the regions economy. This way airlines that take the offer would have an advantage over those that go for the crowded airports. This could come into effect after lets say 6 months and then continually change/adapt to divert new airlines to new markets.

Make it easier to choose a base
Now you randomly have to look up airports to see how many airlines are already based there. To start with it should be easier to find a suitable airport to base your airline at. Some kind of list/oversight to see suitable airports in a specific region perhaps.
Progressive starting points
As it is now the number of slots available is the maximum from start and 500 airlines start up in a day with millions of passengers waiting to be transported somewhere. There's a gold rush for a couple of months were the airlines grab everything they can lay their hands on in order to take market share/slots/C-pax etc. This creates a somewhat chaotic environment where it's difficult to plan for a sound longterm business plan. How about opening up with lets say 250 slots and then another 10 every month. The airlines that come in later should then get a higher start up capital to offset the the fact that they weren't in from the start. They then also have the benefit of taking advantage of the business opportunity's available from less crowded regions. Same goes for airports. Why not limit the number of airlines to perhaps 3 at the big ones, 2 at the medium ones and 1 at the small ones and then open up for more airlines as the game evolves. This would spread the initial entrants more evenly across the globe.

Subsidized routes
To encourage regional airlines and make it profitable to operate smaller A/C's there could be a subsidy system where routes with less than maybe 50 pax/day get a government support. Now the problem seems to be that when you start up you can't get/afford the larger planes and the small ones won't bring in enough money.

Point-to-point passenger demand system
The current demand system seems to be based on the age old hub to hub flying. This worsen the problem with everyone wanting to be based at the largest airport as that's were all the demand is. Although this is far from reality. The hub system is built up around a very regulated market where national carriers for years had monopoly on air travel and could force the passengers to fly the way they deemed most profitable. This system is not employed in AWS where a very unregulated market exists. If more point-to-point travel were possible then I think people would be more interested in the smaller airports.

Offline raptorva

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Re: New markets - spreading the airlines
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2010, 12:42:31 AM »
I agree with your point on the sole focus to giant international monopolies.
I once did a regional airline but it didn't work out as the game engine at this time uses the same costs of a giant monopoly airline as a small regional airline would.
I myself would love to just run an airline where the biggest aircraft is a Metro or Saab 340 and link up regional communities with my base. Unfortunately these planes can't make enough profit currently to cover costs so I agree entirely with the subsidised system and the discounts.


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Re: New markets - spreading the airlines
« Reply #2 on: May 03, 2010, 08:32:52 AM »
Players will be provided with great opportunity to run regional airlines or low cost airlines, making the game more realistic.


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Re: New markets - spreading the airlines
« Reply #3 on: May 03, 2010, 10:41:44 AM »
To make regional airlines more atractive we need connections. And once codesharing will be available it will be even more atractive (regional and "large" airlines would be able to cooperate - same as e.g. Augsburg Airlines and Lufthansa).

Offline Unbornio

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Re: New markets - spreading the airlines
« Reply #4 on: May 03, 2010, 11:30:38 AM »
Sami is currently collecting data on the population of cities (last I saw, he was doing excellently on google maps). You should search for more details.
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