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Author Topic: Attn airBirmingham  (Read 2302 times)

Offline Lairyliam

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Attn airBirmingham
« on: March 18, 2010, 10:32:50 AM »
I'm guessing that your the first who's going to reach for a beer after you read this post,

But I just wanted you to know that my demise was not only your doing, I did alot of it myself.

I'm pulling the plug now because I'm going round in circles with no way out, a negative cash balance that I cannot get away from and its mostly my fault.

When I started at BHX I was there first, this my first full game and eager to test out a new business plan, having suffered numerous times before..

Eager to please I decide to hub in FRA and CDG straight into LHR where the money started to pile in.

As you well know, there were 3 of us pretty quickly in BHX, and this I did not plan for, nor did I think it would happen, (naive huh!)

Had you of been a reasonable, and "fairer player" (IMHO) Then maybe I would not of been writing this post.
All most immediately, you started to challenge me on my routes, and whilst it's fair, and a little competition will not hurt anyone and itshould be very much part of this game, I never for an instant realised that this game could be played the way you played it, what (again IMHO) is actually unrealistic.   

who in their right mind for a domestic, or european flight leaves between 2300 -  0530, apart from cargo flights and charter airlines of which your neither,

Atr's that fly to the extent of their range, this never happens, well, I once charted an AT43 down to BIA, and we had to tech stop it, you should have seen the fuss it created, no one in their right mind wants to spend 2.5 hours in a vibrating, noisy tube that long, especially when its planned into a schedule, passengers hate props though the DH8D maybe the exception on that one...

My last point of frustration, and the nail in the coffin for my demise, is the rate in which you managed to expand, and this clearly is something that needs to be worked on Sami, should you want to continue to keep new customers. (IMHO!) we've been playing for a matter of weeks, and already you're penned in for an order
of Fokker aircraft that seems ridiculous at this stage of your airline life, It takes years for airlines to grow ,and has left me feeling rather bitter about the whole thing. those Fokker's cannot be designed for anything other than sinking me , which is why im puling the plug now rather than wasting my weekend staying afloat for no reason.

Anyway, had you of left me to my own devices and let me grow a little, I'm sure we could have had a fairly reasonable fight, (which lets be fair, you probably would have won, but at least I would not have felt like I have wasted a week and credits on this game,) instead you piled your aircraft onto my already established routes, and so I felt that I had to fight fire with fire and come back at you, and here it becomes my problem.

Mistake 1, I started to get the SA34 in, so that I could compete a little better with your ATr's that filled my routes. - Actually there is no comparision, but this was all that was available at the time...

Mistake 2, I started to come after you on your own routes, I actually pulled my FRA/CDG -LHR to help stop the bleeding you were creating,  with no knowledge of actually how to go into competition in this game, (I've never really had the need or urge want to), I only subscribe to routes where there is sufficient demand, having almost double the seats available on a route seems both pointless, and not helpful to any one who just wants to play.

Mistake 3, I brought in 2 B732's to help extend my range, this coupled with the fact I had brought to many Saab's turned me into a poxy regional that I did not want to be, after that it all went south, I could not find any routes that I could really make enough profit on, most routes on my Saab only made $1000 a flight and that wasn't enough.

Mistake 4, I started to pull routes that you helped to reduce my profits on, and switch them for double legs, problem here is the slots at BHX for a 6am departure cost the better part of $100,000 and with a Saab making peanuts you can do the maths so see that that really isn't going to work.

Now its not all doom and gloom, you have taught me a lot, in the end whilst I have nothing left to fight with, I have managed whilst fighting to stay alive to get my 3 of my Saab's earning more than  my 146's in a week.
but again with the slot costs as much as they are I'm pushing my self further into the red, and having not paid the bill for ages on the leases/loans on them, it really is a matter of time before the Lessors come in and take the aircraft back, and no one wants that, trust me I've had it twice in the real world...

This post has gone on far to long, and hopefully my friend as you smiling whilst drinking that ice cold beer,
This is no way meant as a direct attack on you far from it,you have paid your money that same as me, and you can play this game however you feel like it, Kudos. This is more of a vent of utter frustration that I certainly needed to air.

So good luck with airBrum and all that, I'm off to some where across Europe where I hope our paths wont cross and if they do I hope that we can have a "fair" battle that last for ages as opposed to days.

If anyone does actually take offence to this, I am sorry,but there is no point in telling the wife about my frustration with this particular game, like she cares... (you must all understand that!)

yet again I have taken a lot from it, and thought that my experience of working in real airline ops departments, gave me sufficient knowledge on how to work this simulation and it has up until now, and whilst it does, and it helps planning routes, amongst other things,  What it clearly doesn't help for is the quirks that can be exploited to make ones airline very big very quick, which after reading hundereds of posts yesterday seems to be what alot of people want, it's just ashame that those that just want to run a profitable airline, that plods along suffer in every game to those that insist on being grossly oversized, and more money than they can shake a stick at...

We all see this game in a different light, we all expect different things for it and rightly so, maybe as a suggestion, different worlds are created, to suit the needs of players. i just want to tinker, and be profitable, sure a little compition would be good, but not to the point of unrealsitic shed's and 100's more seats than passengers to actually fly the route,  I also have no desire to be the worlds number 1 i don't have the time to administer 500 aircraft,  far from it!,

Right I'm off to deliver my staff the bad news before we get shut down! I just hope airBrum has the decency to hire my staff...


LairyAir V1  - E2,  "Over and Out!"


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Re: Attn airBirmingham
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2010, 10:37:14 AM »
Maybe the scenario is called Euro Challenge for a reason. Consider yourself challenged.


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Re: Attn airBirmingham
« Reply #2 on: March 18, 2010, 11:00:05 AM »
welcome to the real world of business my friend! ::)


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Re: Attn airBirmingham
« Reply #3 on: March 18, 2010, 04:18:35 PM »
Pick an airport with no one in it.  :)

better luck next time


  • Former member
Re: Attn airBirmingham
« Reply #4 on: March 18, 2010, 04:49:29 PM »
An absolutely fascinating insight into the life of your airline I thought.  It's always nice to hear what people are thinking and why they decide to do certain things.

In all fairness he (lairyliam) did start there first, but with the high levels of competition in Euro Challenge (medium difficulty) an airport like BHX would always have more than one airline wanting to be based there.  As you said, maybe it was a little naive to think that the other airlines would not be highly competitive, but the only way to get a decent sized airport for yourself is to wipe out the competition as soon as you can.  This is a quirk of the game, but having no airlines at the start of the game creates this initial rush to be supreme and if you don't expand the most effectively then you can rarely catch up again.  Sami has mentioned a fair few times he's trying to erradicate this problem, but things like CPU airlines are not feasibile at the moment.

The issue of flights between 2300-0500 is quite unrealistic in some aspects I quite agree and it was pointed out somewhere else on the forum.  It does though facilitate copies of longer services in the main games.  For example, Lufthansa's service in real life from DEL-FRA departs DEL at 0305 local.  I'd imagine that the levels of demand in the night cannot be tweaked differently for short haul and long haul.

Good luck with your new venture in Cyprus.

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Offline [ATA] - lilius

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Re: Attn airBirmingham
« Reply #5 on: March 18, 2010, 05:06:06 PM »
The mistakes you make are frustrating but you will learn from them.

Trust me this game gets boring without a competitor at the same airport for too long. My advice is to always have fun and battle it out with the competitors youve got at the same airport. The winner always comes out strong!

Offline swiftus27

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Re: Attn airBirmingham
« Reply #6 on: March 20, 2010, 06:32:30 AM »
I once had 90% out of Las Vegas.

realllllllllly fun game, lemme tell you.

I owned my whole fleet and didnt log in again for almost a month (real time)


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Re: Attn airBirmingham
« Reply #7 on: March 20, 2010, 09:43:20 AM »
there's lessons learnt there we've all had to learn at some point in the game

don't fall in love with Cyprus   :P


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Re: Attn airBirmingham
« Reply #8 on: April 14, 2010, 11:10:46 PM »
It happened to me too. Royal European simply duplicated all my routes from Geneva and then some. Poof, and I was gone from Geneva. I don't like it, but it is a competition. I really don't expect niceness when it comes ones own carrier.


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