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Author Topic: [-] Marketing/pricing single aircraft flights with multiple stops...  (Read 617 times)


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and YES I searched the features forum and I couldn't find anything about it. Perhaps this will come with the focus cities implementation. To be somewhat simple, here is what I believe gamers might find extremely useful and make Airwaysim more versatile and challenging as well as mimicking even more of the real world:

1. If you have a single aircraft flight, say, KLAX-KDFW-KTPA, KLAX-KTPA should be able to have a marketing campaign as if it were nonstop. Should be able to be marketed as a valid flight  the same way as KLAX-KDFW would be marketed. With the SAME flight number all the way through, may I add. NO MORE multiple flight numbers unless its an actual connection. Maybe a note advising "one stop" might help if you are going LAX to TPA with the stop at DFW. Anyway, should be able to market thru flights the same way as nonstops. I do think we have to note the stop though, so people don't think its nonstop. Newspapers note this all the time in there airline adverts.  I also see a need to list revenues for each individual sector though. That could be a headache, but thats how its done.

2. Make these one stop flights available for sale in the Route planning area. Just note the stop in the route demand area. Put these flights by time of departure rather than moving them down just because they are not nonstop. Simply note the stop. Example: "1 Stop DFW" or whatever.

3. Make it possible to price these one-stop flights as if they were nonstop OR maybe give a discount for taking the one stop flight instead of the nonstop perhaps. Some airlines did that alot while I was in the corporate travel industry. Although some passengers asked us to do hidden city ticketing, which is not really legal, but I won't go there. Let the travel agents sort that one out, LOL!

4. Flight number/date/time specific pricing option. I don't think that needs much explaination, but just to be clear, maybe I want to charge less for the flight in a market that leaves at 2330 because its inconvenient for alot of people. Maybe I want to charge less for a specific flight number because its not doing well or I need to reposition the aircraft and make money doing it instead of it being a dead "ferry" flight . Thats where the flight specific/time specific lower fare would play into this. Again a common practice in the travel industry.

I honestly looked in the forum search and saw nothing or perhaps I missed a keyword there. The MAIN issue being this would be another great real world function for the games. I don't mean to be bothersome, just a bit over enthusiastic (?). Ok WAAAYYY over enthusiastic!!! :-[ Look for to all the new changes as they occur. Thanks again for reading Sami. I'll try not to come up with anymore ideas for a while. LOL! :laugh: PS. Don't send me back to the features search. The subject just doesn't come up and I've tried every search phrase I can think of.
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Re: Marketing/pricing single aircraft flights with multiple stops...
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2010, 03:30:37 AM »

Ability to chain valid route pairs within your network, separate from fuel stops. Example being:

City A -> Hub = Flight 001
Hub -> City B = Flight 002

City A -> Hub = Flight 001 Leg 1
Hub -> City B = Flight 001 Leg 2

Under this scenario you should also get some percentage of traffic for City A -> City B, depending *greatly* on your ticket price vs anyone offering the non-stop. If unserved, percentage should be bumped up.


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Re: Marketing/pricing single aircraft flights with multiple stops...
« Reply #2 on: October 28, 2013, 08:15:41 PM »
or maybe even operate hub - city 1 - city two

real world example...Air New Zealand operate Auckland - LAX  - LHR or BA operate LHR - Singapore - Australia?


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Re: Marketing/pricing single aircraft flights with multiple stops...
« Reply #3 on: October 28, 2013, 11:21:06 PM »
A-B-C routes were used 3(?) years ago, but were removed when the different bases concept was implemented.

I would be okay with some A-B-C routes, but it could severely hurt other airlines and essentially make the base concept harder to do. Perhaps do something like this with small aircraft, thus opening up many more possibilities for the "regional" airline.


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