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Started by cashacasha, September 05, 2008, 03:41:06 AM


Wow!!!!  I love my new logo and livery ;D
How do you do it, unbelievable!

Very, very, very well done!  8)



Could someone please make a new logo and a Airbus A300 B4 livery for me?
My airlines is TaiEx and is based in Taipei, Taiwan.
Please feel free to be creative I don't have any requirements for the colors.


[attachment deleted by admin]



Thanks jamboy the logo and livery are awesome!


Hey Jamboy,

Could you make one for SkySurf?  That would be awesome as I don't have the software or know how to do it.  =))  All these you've done are really great!  Maybe something with a wave or surfer image and a blue color scheme.  We're based in Honolulu.  Aloha!

Brian, CEO


Jamboy, I have to congratulate you on these great liveries, over the past few weeks they've gotten better and better. :)


Coming from you that is high praise. I am humble.

I guess what they really show though is I have too much time on my hands :-[. Thanks plenty though!!!


You rock Jamboy!!!  Thank you so much and I agree.  These logos and liveries are so awesome!  Of course SkySurf is the BEST  ::)  Thanks again!!

Brian, CEO


Hey Jamboy!

I really like logos and liveries you've made!

Would you not mind to make logo and livery for my ATB#2 airline too?

It is AHAVA Israeli Airlines.

The livery template would be for MD-82/83/88.

I would like you to use this as the basis:
Basically it is AHAVA or love written in Hebrew.
But it should also contain full English name of the airline - AHAVA Israeli Airlines.

Thank you a lot!


Hey Jamboy, I like the livery making you got going on here. I would like to see if you can make me a logo and livery that is better than the one I have.

Here is my previous logo:

Here is my previous livery:

As you can see the theme is Green, and lots of it, you can be creative with everything else though. Also if you can include my motto "Impossible is Nothing" that would be great to. If possible I would like to see this on a B757 or A319. Thanks!



Thanks a lot! Looks stunning! :) Really like it!



Any chance you can give it a more modern look? Looks good so far, just needs an update. You can work from this, I like your logo idea, just would like to see it more modern.


Awesome! Looks great thanks!


Hey guys,
So I am absolutely no good with graphics on computers, the best editing app I have is Paint. Ha. So I suck. Anyway, I was hoping someone could make me a Logo and livery. I have been trying to make them, but just fail. I really like medium green and blues. I would love if the majority of the plane was colored, not too much white space. And I would like it on a B757 or B777. No Airbus! Haha. My Airline is Harris Air out of Seattle.

This is the logo I really like. Some adaptation of it maybe? Idk. Or Something totally new too! I am open to anything. Thanks for your help! It really means a lot.

[attachment deleted by admin]


Holy Crap Jamboy!!!! I love it! Thank you very very much!!!! It is amazing. Thanks. How do you dothis anyway!!?!? Its incredible. Thanks again!


1. nice!

2. could you make me a livery & logo? Royal Singaporean Airlines. no requirements. thanks!  ;)


Pretty much spot on, thanks! It's bright and cheery and stands out. Love the Eagles tough too!


Calair, Colours - Yellow, Dark Blue and Red. Official carrier of San Diego Chargers and Anaheim Angels. And using a Boeing 737-500. Including an image of a Sunset somewhere. Livery and logo.


Hi Jamboy,

May I have your help to make the logo and livery for my airline as well?
My airline is IceWorld Air
perfer to have blue, silver/white in color
and if possible, love to have the livery on 777-300 :) Thanks !


Afraid i need help too any kind peop,e out there.
Airsim should make it a standard load up, re-size & apply it to the plane.
I cant get all to complete.

Have the files here but cant get it onto the plane etc, logo etc.
Anyone halp?
Based on a real photos of my flights over the Outback in Australia so would look really unique?
Any helpers?
Mark OutBackAirlines


anyone know of a good template for the 707-320c?