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Author Topic: AirwaySim announces new payment structure  (Read 1461 times)

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AirwaySim announces new payment structure
« on: September 16, 2009, 12:41:59 PM »

From today onwards all AirwaySim game worlds follow a new payment plan - in a nutshell "pay as you play".

Previously all game worlds have had a single fee to join the game world. However our members have requested longer game worlds and also pointed out that for example joining a game world at it's halfway mark costs the same as joining it at the very start of the world although the actual play time with the same cost is shorter in this case.

Thus we have planned a change to the payment plan where each player is paying actually the Credits for the time he is a member in each game world. The change allows us to run longer game worlds and making the system more flexible. And users will only pay for the actual usage of the system and they are also able to join in the game worlds at a later period without "loosing" any play time compared to the cost.

The new standard payment plan for regular game worlds is: a single fee of 5 Credits to join the game world, and after the first (real-time) week 1 Credit per (real-time) week for the world membership.

You may notice that for longer games the play cost is higher than before, where 10 Credits was usually the standard game cost. The "10 Credits for each game" cost structure was originally planned for 1-2 month long game worlds, and lately (upon user requests) the game worlds have been longer, even up to 4 months. So the original game cost target of approx. 0.1 eur/usd was not met with the extended game length and the original cost and a change was needed.

With the new payment structure the cost to play in a single AirwaySim game world over a period of two months is still 0.1 eur / usd per day, or less, depending on which Credit package you have bought, which discounts you have received and how long you play (the longer you play, the cheaper it becomes per day). Or in other words, the play cost is approximately 3 eur / usd per month. Which we believe is a very cheap price for a product of this quality.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are already playing in some game world this change does NOT concern you. The new payment plan is only effective to users joining the games after this notice has been posted, other players can play the current game worlds to end with the old payment plan.

The next new AirwaySim game world will open this week. We are still working on minor updates, fixes and data additions to the system and once those are complete the next game world will commence.


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