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Author Topic: Red Star Alliance and 7 Star Alliance Possible Merge - Lets talk it thru.  (Read 6941 times)


  • Former member

In this topic, preferably for Red Star Alliance and 7 Star Alliance Members only, we will be able to further discuss any problems or send forward our doubts about this possible "merge" of our 2 Alliances in ATB. Please note that nothing has yet been decided so do not assume that the alliances are now united. Please feel free to discuss anything that would occour if our alliances would merge; from logos to code of conduct of alliances.

So, who is going to "kick off"




  • Former member
Hello also from me,
                I think that we must first talk about the problems that have been faced until now in the current proposal plan.
Please for every problem mentioned recomend a solution too (if you think that there is)


  • Former member
So what is the current proposal plan and what problems would we encounter if the two alliances did merge?



  • Former member
Below is the excact message that i send to RED STAR ALLINCE with Philippo's help in order everybody is informed.

My plan is that if you want the following steps will be made:

1) First you will choose a member in your alliance to become managing member in 7 STAR ALLIANCE so that you will also have control.

2) Then you will leave your alliance so that it will stop operating

3) After you will all be <<free>> i will send you invitations to join 7 STAR ALLIANCE (i will send a managing invitation to the member you will tell me)

4) After confirming the invitations you will be members of 7 STAR ALLIANCE

5) If we are able then we can rename 7 STAR ALLIANCE to something combining the two alliances names.
We are called 7 STAR ALLIANCE and you RED STAR ALLIANCE. So what about 7 RED STAR ALLIANCE ?

6) From what i checked there are no airlines in both alliances with the same home base so we can act as a team

Even our logos are similar. But i do not know if we can change the name(i do not know how is done)

We can make a logo with a yellow and a red star or a half yellow half red star etc.
Also the logo can be a combination of yours and ours.

In this way both alliances will not lose their identity!!

As for your question about merging in this game only, i suggest to start from this game and then we will see


  • Former member
And what about RED 7 ALLIANCE or RED 7 only ? 7 RED STAR ALLIANCE is a bit long.

If the game does not allow change the name why note create a new alliance for which we can chose logo and name as we want and then invite all Red Star and 7 Star Alliance in our "new home".


  • Former member
I personally do not have a problem but i am afraid that we will lose rating!!
But if there is no other option, why not?
As for the name i proposed 7 RED STAR ALLIANCE in order both alliances not to lose their identity!!
We have tried a lot for 7 STAR ALLIANCE in all games and i think it is a pity to totally disappear.
I am sure that all you think the same for your alliance.

Is there any other problem to solve?

Offline Dasha

  • Members
  • Posts: 1053
European Union might protest :) As well as the American authorities...

Just warning :)
The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes, decide everything


  • Former member
7 Star members have an advantage, because dont need to leave alliance, when you leave alliance you loose 5 image points, to be just you should create a new alliance and everybody quit both alliances....  ;)


  • Former member
True, that would be fairer and we would not have the hassle of the name change.

What about: "7 Red Stars"


  • Former member
Before naming said alliance and such... Are we talking about grouping together for ATB .. only? Or is this combining both Alliances in every game, now and for the future?

The Star Alliance Family™ is among the biggest and one of two longest running Alliances in all of AWS. We are spread across multiple games and have a roster of over 40 players. Both active and inactive.

Our numbers in ATB don't do use justice  :)



  • Former member
I suspect it would be for the remainder of this game only. But I guess we'll have to wait until talks are over and see what arrangements are made if the alliances merge. I think it'd be a great idea to combine logos and names. Perhaps it would be best to create a whole new alliance together.


  • Former member
Will we merge?
If you want choose a name and we will start a new alliance!!
I ask the members of 7 STAR ALLIANCE to vote which companies they want to become members from us in the pole in our alliance's forum.
Please members from RED STAR ALLIANCE do the same for your member.

Please everybody who wants can suggest a name here.

Then the new alliance will be formated.

(My suggestion is 7 RED STAR ALLIANCE. it's a combination and i thing that this name meets everybody's likings)

We must start the new alliance now!!!!
The game is ending!!!!!


  • Former member
Yes we need to get this new alliance going! All the name suggestions seem good to me.  We need one that we can all agree on and I think Olympic's suggestion is one we can all agree on. For a logo we can just combine the two logos.

Offline Unbornio

  • Members
  • Posts: 662
One of the strangest...if not the strangest thread I've ever seen on this forum  ::)
Beta Tester


  • Former member
One of the strangest...if not the strangest thread I've ever seen on this forum  ::)

I'd like to propose a new name for the alliance: 8 STAR (ONE OF WHICH RED) ALLIANCE

Offline Seattle

  • Members
  • Posts: 2791
Well.... on a serious note.... I personally think that our alliances should not merge, of course, the decision is up to both of our alliance, not to the founders/CEOs.

However, a merger within one game i can understand and see. Maybe not in ATB, as it is set to end in 6 days, but in future games were one of our alliance may simply not have many members paying in that specific game.

-Seattle  ;D
Founder of the Star Alliance!

Monk Xion

  • Former member
Huh? What did I miss? I've been away in Nicaragua and busy....

Btw, Sami , I might have some data for Nicaragua.


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