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What's new in AirwaySim?

This page lists all the major updates in our software that have been recently implemented. The full and detailed changelog is available in our forums (there are hundreds of minor changes and updates, and we're listing only the biggest ones here).

Note: This page is currently not up to date (sorry!). Please consult our forums and news for the list of latest updates.

March 2018

Aircraft data

15 new aircraft models added: Antonov An-148T, Beechcraft 1900CF, Beechcraft 1900DF, Boeing 747-100SF, Boeing 747-100F, Boeing 747-200F, Boeing 767-200SF, Cessna 208A Caravan, Cessna 208A Cargomaster, Cessna 208B Super Cargomaster, Cessna 208B Grand Caravan EX, Cessna 208B Super Cargomaster EX, Fairchild SA227-AT Expediter, Fairchild SA227-AT Expediter 23, Fairchild SA227-DC Metro 25.

February 2018

New maps

All in-game maps (airport, airline and route information) have been replaced with new a system.

Aircraft data

7 new aircraft models added: de Havilland Canada DHC-8-100CC, de Havilland Canada DHC-8-100PF, de Havilland Canada DHC-8-200CC, de Havilland Canada DHC-8-300CC, de Havilland Canada DHC-8-300PF, Bombardier Dash 8-Q400CC, Bombardier Dash 8-Q400PF.

January 2018

Aircraft data

9 new aircraft models added: Lockheed L-188CA, McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10CF, McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30CF, McDonnell Douglas DC-10-40CF, McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10F, McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30F, McDonnell Douglas DC-10-40F, Boeing MD-10-10F, Boeing MD-10-30F.

Dynamic new aircraft pricing improved. Also improved the user advisors for aircraft purchases.

December 2017

Aircraft data

22 new aircraft models added: Airbus A300C4-200, Airbus A300F4-200, Airbus A300-600RF, Airbus A320-200F, Airbus A321-200F, Airbus A330-200F, Boeing 707-320CF, Boeing 737-200F, Boeing 737-300C, Boeing 737-400C, Boeing 757-200M, Boeing 757-200PF, Boeing 737-700F, Boeing 737-700C, Boeing 737-800BCF, Boeing 767-300F, Boeing 777 Freighter, Bombardier CRJ200SF, Lockheed L-1011 TriStar 200F, Lockheed L-1011 TriStar 250, Lockheed L-1011 TriStar 500F, Bristol Type 175 Britannia Srs. 253F.

Rule changes

Various changes to settings and rules in start phase of scenarios to create a better balance, including changes to aircraft purchases and starting money.

Improvements to transparency of aircraft sales between players.

November 2017

Dynamic airports

A new airport classification system is introduced, the old and fixed 5-step level system is replaced with a dynamic and responsive classification. The size classification comes now in two values: Traffic Level and Infrastructure Level, both have 10 levels (1 - 10). Making airports more dynamic is one very important component of the City Based Demand system.

Aircraft data

45 new cargo aircraft models (see changelog for details).

Data of Boeing 727, Vickers Viking, de Havilland DH.84 / DH.86 / DH.89, Douglas DC-6 fleet groups updated.

Cargo capacity data added for all aircraft models.

Added more hushkit options for aircraft engine upgrades.

September 2017

Aircraft data

Fokker F.27 and McDonnell Douglas MD-11 fleet group data is updated.

Updates to aircraft cargo conversion features.

August 2017

Aircraft data

6 new aircraft models added: Boeing 737-200C Adv, Boeing 737-300F, Boeing 737-400F, Saab 340AF, Saab 340BF, Short 360-300F.

July 2017

Cargo and City Based Demand is here!

The long awaited cargo features are now introduced in AirwaySim. Cargo can be transported in the baggage holds of the regular passenger aircraft, together with passenger bags, but also with dedicated freighter aircraft. The belly cargo in the freight holds of normal passenger flights is the most common option.

City Based Demand is a fully new system on how the demand values are created. The demand is no longer tied to airports but is instead generated by the areas and cities and airports serve only as the gateways. For now it serves only cargo but will be later implemented to passenger travel too.

Aircraft conversions

Ability to convert aircraft into another models introduced (mainly used for converting passenger aircraft into cargo models).

Aircraft data

5 new aircraft models added: ATR 42-320F, ATR 72-210F, Ilyushin Il-96-400M, Ilyushin Il-96-400T, Ilyushin Il-114T.

Ilyushin Il-96 and Ilyushin Il-114 fleet group data is updated.

April 2017

Aircraft data

Bombardier CRJ, Hawker Siddeley HS121, McDonnell Douglas DC-9/Boeing 717 fleet group data is updated.

March 2017


Better modelling of some real-world events.

Aircraft data

Airbus A330 fleet group data is updated.

January 2017

Aircraft data

Embraer 175-E2, 190-E2 and 195-E2 added.

The list of size classes for aircraft fleet groups (e.g. small, medium, large or very large) has been updated for better game balance.

Economy adjustments

Several small adjustments have been made to economic factors. The background data for real historical inflation, interest and fuel price data has been updated with fresh data.

New game worlds extended up to 2036

The master settings have been updated so that extending game worlds up to year 2036 is now possible.

October 2016

Usability updates

A big list of minor updates to the interface to give better usability and easier access to some features (see changelog for details).

Automatic schedule / route conversion between aircraft fleet groups

The ability to convert full aircraft schedules from one fleet group to another with a single click (by moving the schedule from aircraft to another), without the need to edit routes individually

What is new?

June 2016

Aircraft data updates

B787 and A350 data updated, among other fixes.

Pre-scripted real world events

The events module has been expanded with the possibility to create pre-scripted events, such as 9/11 or other similar major events around the world.

What is new?

May 2016

Staff updates

Added option to give "one-time bonus" to your staff.

The airline CEO can be be paid one-time or recurring quarterly bonuses based on the airline performance.

Staff management page layout updated.

What is new?

April 2016

In-game advisors

A virtual advisor will now tell you if you are about to do something "stupid", like lease an aircraft that is not very good for your use.

What is new?

New Achievements

21 new Achievements added.

February 2016

Aircraft data

Airbus A330-800neo and Airbus A330-900neo models added. Airbus A330-300 and Boeing 787 data is updated.

January 2016

Airline data

Players can now assign a description text of their airline.

New aircraft

Bombardier Dash 8-Q400 NextGen, Dornier Do228NG and Airbus A330-300 242t weight variant added.

Alliance updates

The maximum amount of members per each alliance is now related to the player capacity of the game world, up to 40 members per alliance.

October 2015

Pre-join game worlds

A new feature that allows you to join a new & upcoming game world before it has started. With this change it is now easier for players to book their slot for the new game and get reminded when it opens.

What is new?

October 2015

New Achievements

New Achievements added and many existing updated with new levels.

Better airline press releases

The handling of airline press releases in the game interface has been improved with more formatting options and image features.

Final results dashboard

Game world final results page is totally renewed with more data and better formatting.

What is new?

September 2015

Data updates

McDonnell Douglas MD-80 data updated.

42 new airports to Canada and Africa added, with updates to other airports too.

August 2015

Leasing updates

Players may set a minimum required technical condition for the airplanes they lease out to other players.

Leased aircraft may be now sent to the long-term storage ("desert parking").

Events updates

World events have been updated with images and new random events.

Aircraft update

New aircraft: Junkers Ju 52/3m.

July 2015

Start with ready-made airlines

Creating a new airline has been updated with a new "easy start" feature. You can now get going with your new airline faster and easier than before. All players can now choose a start-up option where the system automatically generates the basis of the new airline. This includes first two or three aircraft operating on routes that have enough passenger demand potential, full aircraft route schedules, company marketing, staffing and all other necessary start-up steps.

What is new?

April 2015

New Airline Boosts

A set of features has been created to help new airlines to get their operations started in existing/established game worlds. These new airline boosts consist of operational discounts (airport fees) and small boosts to airline image values (company image, route image..).

What is new?

March 2015

New aircraft and airport data

Data on Fairchild Dornier 528 / 728 / 928 series is added.

Data on 22 different Saudi Arabian airports added.

Live game news feeds

Major events of all game worlds are now published into our Twitter account, and can be also subscribed as a RSS feed.

What is new?

Airport noise regulation

This feature adds the aircraft noise limitations to airports disallowing operations with very old/noisy aircraft to some airports. The limitation rules follow the real-life restrictions and for example Europe and US require a "Chapter 3" noise certified aircraft during the modern era.

What is new?

February 2015

Aircraft information

New combined aircraft information and data overview page added. The page collects together all the basic information of an aircraft model (such as the basic technical details and basic production details), added with information about the largest operators of that aircraft and a complete fleet production list (history of all aircraft ever produced).

What is new?

Game play functionality

"Free preview" period of game worlds extended from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Players can explore the game worlds for 30 minutes without cost (= leaving the game before that returns the initially used 5 Credits).

Dynamism of aircraft production lines for smaller aircraft updated. It now requires less orders to keep the production lines open.

Data updates

More engine "hushkit" upgrades added.

January 2015

Updated aircraft data

McDonnell Douglas DC-9 series aircraft data updated with more accurate information.

Sukhoi Superjet series aircraft data updated with more accurate information.

CASA C-212 series aircraft data updated with more accurate information.

November 2014

New aircraft data

Boeing 777-8X and 777-9X models added, with data updates to the rest of the B777 models also.

Rule change

Change to game rules: Two airlines of the same alliance may not base at the same airport. This goes for both HQ airports and for additional bases.

October 2014

Airline score

A completely new feature that aims to compare airlines based on various key statistics.

What is new?

Improved stats

A trend indicator and better comparison of airlines in the statistics is now available. Two new statistics added: Average aircraft condition and Average fuel burn per passenger.

What is new?

Notification systems

"Vacation mode" added, allowing you to leave your airline unattended without the fear of being closed by inactivity.

Possibility to disable all e-mail notifications about your airline (no warnings of bankruptcies or other very important events to your e-mail).

September 2014

New aircraft data

AVRO RJ115, RJX70, RJX85, RJX100 aircraft data added. BAe 146 and AVRO RJ fleet groups combined. Data of all models in these groups updated/checked.

McDonnell Douglas MD-90-50 and MD-90-55 aircraft data added. MD-90 and B717 fleet groups combined.

Boeing 787-10 model added, and data of all other B787 models updated.

Economy changes

Staff salaries are now paid daily instead of once a week (to avoid big sudden payments.

Base airport rules changed. The additional bases are now available after airline is over 180 days old and has 5 or more planes in use.

B checks are now performed every four weeks instead of only on the last week of each month.

Dynamism in new aircraft list prices has been increased.

The dissolution of Netherlands Antilles is now modelled correctly.

Manual updated

Several chapters of the manual have been updated and new chapters added.

August 2014

New aircraft data

Added COMAC C919 and Fokker 120 NG aircraft data.

The aircraft database includes models that have not yet flown in real life ("prototype models"), such as these two.

July 2014

Aircraft upgrades

This feature allows you to upgrade your aircraft by installing for example a hushkit to the engines which raises the noise certification level, and in turn allows you to operate the aircraft longer into the future (we shall also introduce noise level limitations soon as a new feature - this means that you cannot fly a B707 in year 2000 for example anymore unless you equip it with the hushkit).

Upgrades are only retrofit items that can be installed to existing aircraft and not related to new aircraft orders. Each upgrade may also change the range, fuel consumption or runway requirement.

What is new?

June 2014

Fuel price prediction

Fuel management page includes now future fuel price predictions made by your staff (economics & finance department).

This is a prediction of the future and it is based on your staff's efficiency and it's their opinion about the future development of the prices. The future prediction has two lines: "low" and "high" and the future price will most likely be somewhere between these two. You can use this information to spot any radical trends and changes in the near future and plan your hedges accordingly.

What is new?

Price management improvements

Route Management page has now the possibility for direct price management, on single routes, multiple (freely selectable) routes or destination-grouped routes.

What is new?

May 2014

Updated base airports feature with base levels

The airport bases feature has been renewed completely. Each airline can now base at 10 different airports (HQ + 9 bases).

There is a major new component to the bases feature, which is the base level. This determines the operation size and cost level of the base. There are 4 base levels corresponding to the aircraft size classes (small, medium, large, very large); 4 levels of bases. The base size equals the largest allowed aircraft size class for your operation in that base (= medium class base can support small/medium planes, and very large base can support all planes etc). The base levels can be up/downgraded as needed.

There are also numerous rule changes. There are no aircraft limits other than a companywide limit on aircraft scheduled outside your HQ (in bases), and the max. number of aircraft outside HQ is relative to game year (max. 600).

This update allows small airlines to expand more easily as "base levels" 1 & 2 are very cheap to open and operate.

What is new?

Updated dashboard interface

Dashboard page has been re-styled completely. This is a large update where the aim is to clarify the news feed and avoid large long scrollable pages.

What is new?

April 2014

Random world events

This feature creates random events to airports, countries and continents worldwide that affect the air travel market.

There are about 50 pre-programmed events that each have a detailed background story on how they affect the airline operations. The events can create delays, cancellations or changes to passenger demand, and they can affect only one airport, all airports in country or all airports in whole continent. Events can be also customized by the administration. Events can be very major ("volcano eruption") or very small ("minor delays due to bad weather"), and anything in between.

What is new?

March 2014

Easier economy for small and new airlines

The starting capital (cash) for new airlines is now more dynamic (and usually bigger). The amount is tied to inflation and game progress; the later you join, the more money you get proportionally to start with.

The staff requirements of airlines flying with small or medium size class aircraft are now proportionally much smaller than before.

Airport slot prices for new airlines have been greatly adjusted to make the start-up phase easier.

January 2014

New realistic accounting system

Completely updated accounting system to match real-life financial reports and accounting practices.

New model of calculating the value of your assets and depreciating the expenses over time, three new powerful financial reporting pages (balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement) and many other changes.

Financial reports of each airline are also visible to everyone on each airline's information page.

What is new?

December 2013

Aircraft desert storage

This feature allows you to park aircraft into "desert" for later use. Useful if you do not wish to sell the aircraft etc.

What is new?

October 2013

Re-train pilots

You can now move your pilots between groups by paying a one-time re-training fee for each pilot you convert.

For the sake of simplicity pilots in AirwaySim are grouped by aircraft size class groups, and the re-training feature allows you to move pilots between these four groups. Also for the sake of simplicity the training of pilots in this conversion case is instant - pay the training cost and pilot is ready to fly right away in the new group.

What is new?

New Demo game concept

The separate and limited Demo game worlds have been removed. New users can now enjoy a fully featured 7-day free trial at the Beginner World scenario. After the trial it is possible to seamlessly continue playing with the same airline by purchasing Credits.

September 2013

Base airport wizard

Finding the base airport is now even more easier thanks to this new airport finder wizard tool. Simply choose your desired continent and type of airline (regional, mediumhaul, longhaul) and the wizard will go through each and every airport picking some suggestions for you to choose from.

The wizard checks the actual demand and supply levels of the most popular routes for each airport filling the criteria and also the overall airport slot availability

What is new?

To see details of older / minor changes please visit the forums.

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