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Author Topic: A truly global alliance....  (Read 113 times)

Offline Joshua Jordan

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A truly global alliance....
« on: May 13, 2016, 09:33:38 PM »
The new millennium has well and truly started,  can you believe we're already halfway through 2001 and thankfully we've not seen the likes of HAL or space odyssey affecting our world.  We've survived the fears of the millennium bug causing the mass meltdown of anything electrical, mechanical or digital, although I still can't program my video recorder!  The 1990's were a phenomenal decade that saw the official end of the cold war, Nelson Mandela elected president of South Africa, The Channel Tunnel between the UK and France opens and the Euro comes into being.

Oh yes, the 1990's saw many changes, not least the launch of Canadair Regional Jets, Airbus A319's A321's, A330's, A340's, B777's and Saab 2000 among others.  It's been a vibrant decade in the world of musical entertainment also, Bryan Adams topped the charts for what seemed like years with Everything I Do, I Do It For you, Whitney Houston covered a Dolly Parton song I Will Always Love You, MC Hammer told us U Cant Touch This whilst Elton John changed the lyrics to Candle In The Wind and performed it live for the very last time in a really big church.

Now we're in a new decade, a new century even and I wonder what we'll face? What trials will we have to overcome?

Whatever the future holds for us, let's face it together,  The Modern Alliance, spanning the globe and facing the future with enthusiastic optimism.

The Modern Alliance is a friendly alliance with member airlines based in numerous countries and players from almost all the continents of the world (We tried to get a member in Antarctica, but its a bit cold over there and they are currently busy moving Halley VI base, however a number of emperor penguins have expressed an interest)

We are a happy band of players, some experienced, some not so experienced, some young and some not so young, but all here for fun. We're happy to help each other and learn from each other. Our forum is active and you can join in as much or as little as you wish.  We don't have an exhaustive list of rules, just four and one of them is to have fun, so don't worry you'll not be commanded to get up at 4.37am to be first to buy a certain jet or anything like that.

For more details about The Modern Alliance, please click on this link

Thanks for your time today and happy flying.

The Modern Alliance Team


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